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PHOTOS AND COMMENTARY DELAYED DUE TO FOUL WEATHER & MOOD In other words, I’ve got the time, but I’m too bummed out to do the work.

UNITED KINGDOM: Amesbury & Salisbury – Wonderful Wiltshire

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It’s that time of year again for my visit to the land of the stones, Amesbury, which is known for Stonehenge and the traffic jams it’s known to cause much to the consternation of Faith my half-sister. Family and friends are truly the most valuable commodity in my worldly wanderings. It’s a joy to have […]

UNITED KINGDOM: Birmingham Blues

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After escaping a York Hostel takeover by snoring reprobates and sleep apnea sufferers, I arrived exhausted at my Airbnb. Just having my own space unencumbered by humans, revived my hopes and dreams. A cloudy recharge led me to a couple of sunny Birmingham days.   PHOTOS & COMMENTARY DELAYED DUE TO FOUL WEATHER & MOOD […]


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Regardless of what you have planned, York is always a welcome destination. Dripping with history and charm, strolling atop the city walls is an uncommon experience in anyone’s journey. My visit has been relatively uneventful to the point of terminal boredom except of course my visit to the British Railway Museum which I think should […]