This Is Taking  Longer Than I Expected

There has been much procrastination due to ambient fear and a bit of laziness. It has been awfully nice just engaging in the joy of travel completely free of the constraints of copious deadlines and the responsibilities that go along with a career as a serious blogger/ travel writer.

I think my new plan to slow down a little in 2019, might help me to build a career to go along with my passion for travel. The blog has helped to grease the wheels of my wanderlust and has propelled me around the world in an expeditious fashion that I didn’t think possible.

At the end of 2018, I purchased a new domain name for my future blog and YouTube channel. Going forward in 2020, my blog will be known as “The Travel Zone,” but I will keep the old blog as a travelogue as was always its purpose. The new blog will be a for-profit venture and will feature me as its host as well as that of the YouTube channel.

Life truly couldn’t be better short of getting my first article published, and the anticipation leaves me with a warm glow. The first time is often the sweetest so I would be well advised to savor the moment and try to build a rewarding career that will unshackle me forever from the workaday world where “the man” is calling the shots.

Freedom Baby, Freedom.