1. Australia – Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Great Barrier Reef – DONE

  2. India – The Taj Majal – DONE

  3. Venice – Before it is overcome by rising water levels – DONE

  4. Palau – Scuba Dive

  5. Fiji – Scuba Dive – DONE

  6. Greece – Love the food, Santorini, Mykonos etc. – DONE

  7. Malta – Retirement Reconnaissance – DONE

  8. Russia – St. Petersburg – White Nights – DONE

  9. The Northern Lights

  10. Antarctica

  11. Tibet

  12. India – The Taj Mahal – DONE

  13. Myanmar – Bagan Temple Complex

  14. Kyoto, Japan – DONE

  15. Jordan – Petra – DONE

  16. Paramotor Flying – Anywhere

  17. Whale Sharks – Anywhere – DONE

  18. The Caribbean – Visit Every Island

  19. The Maldives – Scuba Dive – DONE

  20. China – DONE

  21. Tanzania – Great Annual Migration

  22. Indonesia – Bali – DONE

  23. Indonesia – Komodo

  24. Malaysia – Dive Sipadan



  1. Steven Scholten
    February 11, 2016

    Loved Sydney, cairns (really good seafood), the best reef ever (must harass the giant clams), a week along the Austrian Danube is quite relaxing, Salzberger sportsweld has some of the finest ski runs and lodges, pula (old coastal Roman city near zagreb) was my favorite of the old Yugoslavia…….what’s your peru eta?

  2. The Travel Zealot
    February 11, 2016

    Hey Steve,
    First comment on my much neglected bucket list. Gotta add some stuff since I’ve knocked off a few of them like Salzburg and much of Croatia. It looks like I am into an accelerated program here in Central/South America since I really would like to get back to Europe for the summer. I’m still planning to continue on to Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, and Bolivia. I’m thinking Peru in the middle of March if the weather looks okay for that time. There is a volunteer gig that I want to sign up for in one of my favorite areas of France between Bordeaux and the Dordogne. I just love me some Europe. I’m awfully tempted to revisit Salzburg and Ljubljana as I make my way through Europe hitting an additional eight new countries on the way. Being an avid diver a giant clam is definitely going on my list.

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