NETHERLANDS: Amsterdam V – Ten Years Gone

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When I stepped onto my plane, I was worried that I would be turned away from the Hostel Van Gogh for being over 40. I had failed to read the fine print on Hostelworld’s website until the day before arrival so I had little recourse or chance for refund. I had been bounced in Prague […]

CZECH REPUBLIC – Prague III – Pit Stop

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My visit here just three months ago was so delightful that I couldn’t stay away. The Dream Hostel helped to make the visit ideal since it has the best staff, accommodations, guests, and vibe of just about any place I have stayed in Europe. I took note that they have an excess of hostels in […]

LITHUANIA: Vilnius II – Užupis

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Vilnius is the third and final destination of my second complete Baltic Tour and it’s difficult to come up with a favorite. My advice is to visit Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia as they all have uniquely redeeming features that should not be missed. They all gained independence in 1990/91 which was preceded by a Freedom […]