URUGUAY: Montevideo – Legal Weed

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Veni, Vidi, Widi. I came, I saw, I got destroyed. Well, that pretty much says it for Montevideo. Uruguay is the one country in all of South America where marijuana is legal. Even though tourists are not permitted to purchase it through pharmacies or other sanctioned outlets, quality herb is extremely easy to acquire. Staying […]

ARGENTINA: Buenos Aires

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This is my second visit to Buenos Aires, and it’s good to be in a familiar city that is not in turmoil. Things are peaceful and not in disarray. My spacious room is a temple of tranquility with its minimalist design and ample storage. A couple of days of this and I just might feel […]

CHILE: Santiago – Paradise Lost

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CHILE: Santiago – Paradise Lost

After spending five days in the paradise of Rapa Nui and leaving with a warm glow, it took only five minutes for it to dissolve into the chaotic rubble that is Santiago. I regretted having left the island at all, and redoubled my commitment to return in the future. Perhaps, next year will find me […]

CHILE: Easter Island – Rapa Nui

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CHILE: Easter Island – Rapa Nui

Easter Island easily scores in my top three experiences over the past five years. Is it because my prior destination was in the midst of a revolution of sorts? Did the mellow vibe place me completely under a spell where none of my usual rules applied? Perhaps… I lost my wallet on my second day. […]