DOOMSDAY 2016: 11/9 -The Worst Day For America Since- 9/11

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578b91d64aa21847a5000003trumpclownimagesCLOWN, OOMPA LOOMPA,


                            AMERICA, YOU DECIDE!

Well, it’s official, Donald J. Trump will be the 45th. president of the United States. And, we thought we had hit rock bottom with Bush and Cheney. Most of us would welcome back “W” with open arms right about now.

Even though he said that Jesus told him to take out Saddam, I never feared Bush would get us all killed, target our most vulnerable citizens or fervently flirt with Fascism. I was merely outraged at all of the war crimes and conflict of interest profiteering that went on at the bequest of he and his friends in the war for profit and oil industries.

The Donald is another animal entirely. Seriously, the hair alone should disqualify him, and that is the least of our worries.  People are deeply frightened for a litany of legitimate reasons having to do with the fundamental future of mankind, the environment, healthcare, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, minority rights and the very freedoms and protections promised to all of us in the Constitution. Just looking at that smug prick for the next four years is punishment enough.

I bought the domain name for (Washington, Oregon, and California) to symbolize secession of a new citadel of sanity on the West Coast. It was a nice way to channel my grief upon hearing the bad news, and to feel as if we have an intelligent consensus and safe zone here on the West Coast. It’s a pleasant way to frame the things and to hang onto a bit of what is rapidly slipping away as we head into the Dark Ages of the Trump administration. There is already a Civil War at hand that is thankfully more of a cold war being fought at dinner tables, restaurants, on the subway and in public spaces throughout our country. Unfortunately, some of our brothers and sisters of color and other groups targeted by Trump’s vicious campaign are dealing with real violence that is becoming far too frequent. It is our responsibility to have their backs in the coming years.

If anyone wants to take the thing and run with it I am open to that since I will be far too busy to start any movements over the next three years. Quite frankly I have grown weary of all this nonsense anyway, and prefer to enjoy what remains of my life pursuing other interests. It’s time for the millennials to get off their butts and resist. After all, it’s their asses that are on the line. My generation will be checking out soon, but they will be inheriting the calamities that result from the behavior of this administration and the corporate interests that currently are really calling the shots.

Action is necessary, whether it’s through peaceful demonstration or donations to organizations to help build a firewall against racism, bigotry, misogyny, homophobia and any of the other hateful, regressive, anti-human policies that may be put forward by this most frightening of emerging threats to our democracy. As a straight white guy, I am not anywhere near as deeply affected as I am sure many of you are, but I can assure you that I have relatives and friends who are devastated and terrified of what is unfolding.

Climate change is also going to be swept off the table by these demented psychopaths, and that impacts us all. I am most concerned for my children and grandchild since I have already had a good run in this life, but their future was unclear even before this election, and there were no guarantees in terms of managing the deleterious effects of global warming in the short term, but these fools in Washington are going to be whistling while Rome burns and adding fuel to the fire in the process. I find it unconscionable that these patriarchal sociopaths can stand idly by while they potentially doom their own families and those of their constituents for generations to come for the sake of their own greed and hunger for power.

I’ll probably be taking a dirt nap before any real calamities hit, but at the rate, things are deteriorating you never know. The effects could accelerate considerably due to melting Polar ice no longer there to reflect heat, and the thawing tundra releasing more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. We could see runaway, cascading, synergistic effects come into play, much like the potential consequences to be incurred by the election of the world’s most powerful clown and soon to be the most dangerous man in the world.


Flying the American flag upside down is an officially recognized signal of distress. The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property. I think based on climate change denial alone, by the incoming administration, there is a clear and present danger to us as a nation.


I feel as if my blog has now taken on a new urgency, and I am even more motivated to reach my 100th. country visited before that roiling, tangerine mass of genetically enhanced narcissism unleashes himself upon a dumbstruck and horrified planet.

Can I make it to one hundred countries before he let’s loose the four horsemen of the apocalypse after a 3 am tweet storm on his spittle-flecked smartphone with Kim Jong Un or some other severely unbalanced Middle Eastern dictator? Time will tell, but I will continue my journey, writing in my blog and submitting pictures and commentary.

I will be relentless in the pursuit of the freedom, happiness, enlightenment, and truth that are part and parcel of the international vagabonding experience.

I will avoid focusing on politics on this blog as the inevitable atrocities of Trump’s machinations present themselves. I’ll leave that endeavor to those better suited to the task like Keith Olberman and others. I’ll try and focus upon things that are working well in other countries and putting a positive spin on things. Hopefully, I won’t slip into a series of rants and lose focus on my adventures as well as my new writing career. At the very least, I will stay aware of what is going on in the United States because now more than ever, it’s going to be affecting the world more profoundly than in year’s past.

I will wear my black “Make America Smart Again” tee shirt with pride as I tramp about this year on nine Caribbean Islands, through Rome, Florence, Venice, in San Merino, on the island of Malta, in Tunisia, in Morocco, throughout Greece, during white nights in St. Petersburg, in Moscow, in Azerbaijan, in Georgia, in Armenia, in Bulgaria, in Slovenia (Melania’s Birthplace), in Paris, throughout the countryside of Central, Southwestern & Southern France, in the principality of Andorra (Country#100), celebrating in Barcelona, and finishing up with a month in Playa Del Carmen Mexico where I will spend my time writing, relaxing, eating lots of sirloin tacos, and experiencing the nirvana of scuba diving with my aquatic friends.

How’s that for a run on sentence of Trumpian proportions? It’s a full paragraph in one go. The Donald may have the best words, but I have the best sentences, and let’s face it, with his stunted digits and 200-word vocabulary, he would be hard-pressed to challenge even a dilettante such as myself.

I worry for my kids and grandchild, but not for myself. I don’t fear death, only dying unpleasantly. I’ve lived more in the last twenty-two months than I have in the last twenty-two years, and if I dropped dead tomorrow, I would have no regrets were I conscious to have them. This year I am giving travel writing a serious shot, so all fears of rejection and failure will have been left behind as well. It’s a great life, and I’m out here to give those of you who are willing, something to shoot for. Get out and see this beautiful planet while it’s still recognizable. Half of the Great Barrier Reef is seriously compromised already to mention but one very sad example. There is already the concept of last chance tourism being floated in many places that will become irreversibly damaged or underwater over the next decade.

Get out and see the world before it’s too late, and make sure to stand up to Trump before he makes a complete mess of everything. Hopefully he’ll be out before the end of his term, but the people who will be in power can do a lot of damage over the next four years while they’re acting like testosterone poisoned teenagers out joy riding, using our country like their Dad’s classic Mustang with a case of beer in the back seat and strung out on meth for good measure. Between the people, Trump’s lined up for his administration and some of the policies that will be enacted, this is really shaping up to be a perfect storm of national and global suicide. Just try to avoid getting caught in the crossfire.

Take care of each other and be well. I’ll just keep moving on even though it all seems like an episode of “The Twilight Zone” right now. I really hope I am entirely wrong and being an alarmist about all of this. I hope he does abandon his ill-advised policies and tries to find some equilibrium, but I see absolutely no sign of it coming to pass. The man is the greatest threat to the country since the Cuban missile crisis and is an embarrassment and national disgrace of epic proportions. And he hasn’t even gotten started yet. Come inauguration day, the shit’s really going to hit the fan.

C’est la vie et bonne chance mes amis,

I’m outta here!

It’s only been about five weeks since the election, and he’s already managed to compromise our relationship with China so I think we’re in for quite a ride. The rogue’s gallery that comprises his cabinet seems to be committed to destroying the very things they are supposed to protect. It’s a topsy turvy world, but I’m going to try and remain optimistic in our ability to rise above this madness and heal this planet against the efforts of those who would see us go the way of the dinosaurs. A bunch of reptiles in D.C. seem to be happy to usher in the latest mass extinction with the fossil fuels derived from the original dinosaurs. Isn’t it ironic?

We no longer have the luxury of the self-destructive behaviors that have been the hallmarks of our past. To continue on our current course would be suicide. MANkind must evolve soon, or allow itself perish at the stubby-fingered hands of a tacky, vulgar, bullshit artist. The current times are easily as perilous as the days of the Cuban missile crisis, and the people at the helm of the most powerful country in the planet show no indication that they will be helpful in defusing the situation with their regressive policies and denial of scientific facts. The pure ignorance and obtuse nature of the powers that will be don’t exactly engender a great deal of confidence in the chances of survival of the human race. Hopefully, technology, rationality, and a little luck can offset our own detour into this world of delusion in which we find ourselves.

I remain guardedly optimistic against complete disaster. So much for letting all this stuff go.


  1. Marlon Schulman
    December 10, 2016

    Nancy sent me one of your other blog posts in anticipation of meeting you (today.)
    I read a few- decided to reply here.
    It will be a pleasure meeting you later today- to speak both of the past and future.

  2. The Travel Zealot
    December 12, 2016

    Hi Marlon,
    Sorry to subject you to the Doomsday thread, and although I am convinced we are in peril on many fronts, I also believe that dwelling on this stuff is self destructive. You said so much yourself the other evening. Wise words indeed. In future, I think that I will limit my exposure to Twitler and all of the attention that the vile creature feeds upon. I have mixed feelings about this since much damage can be done by turning a blind eye to evil such as this.

    However, I will be traveling the world, and I see little to be gained by upsetting myself by the worlds most notorious internet troll. Countdown with Keith Olberman got me through two terms of Bush, but I was upset the whole time. I refuse to squander the last years of my life on a petty, thin skinned, pathetic excuse for a human being. That would be, SAD, to retweet the aforementioned reprobate!

    Instead I will channel some funds into Planned Parenthood, Bernie Sanders’ Movement, and some Environmental cause that is involved in curtailing global warming through the implementation of alternate energy sources.

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