ITALY: Rome – Easter Weekend

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I made the mistake of carrying my big pack, and really wore myself out by the time I arrived at Papa Germano’s Hotel. Fortunately there was a cozy private room waiting for me, and after hitting the internet for a while I was rendered unconscious until well after dark. After catching up further on the web, I went back to bed to get an early start in Rome since I had squandered my first afternoon in slumber.


                                           Day One

WELCOME TO ROME – This put some spring in my step so follow me as I go on a four hour walk through this great city on Easter Sunday 2017. First Stop: The Trevi Fountain

TRAVEL TIP #3 – Lay out a few destinations on your map, and then just walk to them. You never know what you’ll run into along the way. It could be a beautiful building, choice boutique, charming square or some creamy gelato.



TREVI FOUNTAIN – Unless you arrive at the crack of dawn or visit after dark, the Trevi Fountain is going to involve a large crowd.

I have my ways of making the crowd disappear so you can have a chance to appreciate its beauty undistracted.

WISHING FOUNTAIN – I wish my birthday didn’t suck.




Although I don’t subscribe to such superstitious nonsense, I tossed a couple of coins into the fountain. One for the kids, their spouses and my granddaughter, and a 20 cent piece for 20 more good years of  adventure. Evidently you’re supposed to turn you back and throw it over your shoulder. I did not comply. Way too many rules for all this silliness.

THE PANTHEON – Love This Pagan Palace

Too bad they went and Jesused up the place.

At least they didn’t mess with the ceiling.


Coffered Ceilings – These enabled the Romans to reduce the weight of the dome, as well as create an amazing design element in the process, thus demonstrating a perfect example of form follows function.







SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND – This guy was playing my song.

ST. PETERS – After the crowds let out.















PALANTINE HILL – Looking down at the Coliseum.




                                         Day Two





Ceiling Detail

Gian Lorenzo BERNINI – Ratto di Properpina – 1621/1622


Ceiling Detail

CARAVAGGIO – San Gerolamo – 1605/1606


Gian Lorenzo BERNINI – La Verita – 1645/1652








Antonia CANOVA – Paolina Borghese Bonaparte – 1805/1808




Gian Lorenzo BERNINI – David – 1623/1624

Tiziano VECELLIO – Venere che benda Amore – 1565


Gian Lorenzo BERNINI – Apollo e Dafne – 1622/1625

Foot Detail

VIA VENETO – In addition to high end boutiques, it has a number of these restaurants between the sidewalk and the street. Mostly quite luxurious, they are wonderful places to enjoy lunch and watch the world go by.

I enjoyed this tasty lasagne followed by a cosmic panna cotta with red berry sauce.


THE SPANISH STEPS – Again, get here early or late if you want to actually see them.


  1. Karen Devers
    April 18, 2017

    Back on solid ground and what amazing ground to be on. There do seem to be a lot of people, is this the start of their busy season?

    Fun to see all the art. I actually like Bernini’s David better than Michelangelo’s. The action pose is more dynamic and his proportions are more balanced. It would be wonderful to see these pieces in person. I’m looking forward to that experience this fall in France.

    I think that was lasagna on your plate. I just made two large containers of lasagna for Chris and Tom. He is recovering from his heart surgery and it helps them to have meals they can just heat up and eat.

    Looking forward to your pithy commentary!

  2. The Travel Zealot
    April 19, 2017

    Michelangelo’s David is pretty impressive especially in the space in which it’s displayed. They are both amazing pieces. That Borghese space is really quite something. I think even more impressive than the Uffizi even if it is smaller. Plus they limit the amount of people they allow inside at any one time which makes it a far more enjoyable experience. It is in the busy season, but even more so because of Easter Weekend.

    You’re going to like the Museé D’Orseé in Paris. It’s not so crowded as the Louvre. Also the Rodin Museum is quite compelling due to fact that many of the bronze sculptures are displayed in an outdoor space. The original “Kiss” is on display in the newly renovated chateau.

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