BULGARIA: Sofia – Capital City

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Well, I escaped the severely hot weather in Cyprus only to find more of the same here in Sofia. Thankfully, I have air conditioning in my latest accommodation, and since I visited Sofia two years ago, I have been less compelled to navigate the heat at this juncture. So my time has been mostly spent indoors.

I did manage to get out to Vitosha Boulevard with shops and restaurants daily, and made a point to go to a couple of pharmacies to purchase medication which goes for a fraction of the price of the U.S. and Canada.

My non-generic meds go for 1/4 of the cost of a generic version out of Canada. I don’t even know what the price is in the States since I quit buying from them long ago. I do know that the prices we pay in the United States are a total disgrace.

On my last day here I did manage to dash about for an hour shooting some pictures for the blog. If you want to see more of Sofia, just go to the blog and click on August 2015 of the Archives.

VITOSHA STREET – A good place for strolling, eating and shopping. You can even do all three at the same time.

Smart Park – They installed some accessories for the skate rats to play with so they don’t ruin the park benches and other aesthetics.

SAINT NEDELJA CHURCH – Eastern Orthodox Church – Medieval Period

A New Archaeological Restoration Project

MONUMENT TO THE DEITY – The locals don’t really like it because it doesn’t really represent the city. At least it replaces a statue of Lenin and it’s rather pleasant and welcoming to visitors.

SOVIET ERA BUILDING – Former Bulgarian Communist Party Headquarters

SVETA PETKA SAMARDJIYSKA – 11th. – 14th. Century Church

COMPLEX ANCIENT SERDICA – This is the completed project that I saw two years ago when it was just a field of rubble. It is now transformed into a beautiful pedestrian zone that runs adjacent to the Metro system. It’s one of the few places on Earth you can see Roman ruins, a Mcdonald’s and a mosque all at once.

The Complex Ancient “Serdica” presents the remains of the Roman City discovered between 2010-2012 during the construction of the subway station “Serdica 2” and the subsequent implementation of the project “Ancient Cultural and Communications Project “Serdica”. The structures are dated from the 4th. – 6th. Century AD. There are earlier remains dated from the 1st. – 3rd. Century AD at several locations throughout the complex.

You can see additional ruins behind the glass and inside the station.


LATRINE – Built in the 6th. Century A.D. – Drunken revelers on New Year’s Eve have been known to urinate into this ancient relic for old time’s sake.



Not only is it a compelling discovery, but the ruins were beautifully integrated throughout the Metro system. Glass inserts in the flooring allow views of otherwise hidden treasures.

RARE FIND – Middle of the 1st. Century A.D. – This is a remnant of a part of a wall of an earth and timber dwelling. The building’s construction was made wooden beams strengthened with stone. The walls were constructed of oak and beech beams, and between them were interlaced vine-twigs. This wooden construction was covered inside and outside with clay mixed with fine rubble. This piece of earth and timber wall is a very rare find. It gives a clear idea about the early Roman dwellings in Serdica.

Two more rare exposed wooden beams.


HYPOCAUST – 4th. Century A.D. – Subfloor heating system in one of the rooms of a large late antique building. Narrow brick channels are laid along the walls and through the middle of the room. The heating is provided by the warm air that passes through them. A floor of double size clay tiles is built over the channels.

Walking through ancient Roman ruins on the way back to my place.


Next Stop: Ljubljana – The old stomping grounds of The First Trophy Wife of the United States of America. Aside from that, the place is awesome.

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