FRANCE: Bordeaux & Brossac

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Bordeaux, nicknamed “The Little Paris”, is a gem of a city that bestows much of the charm of Paris in a cleaner, less crowded, and lower stress fashion. Many people miss this little beauty that was restored by the former mayor of Paris who power washed many of the limestone 17th. and 18th. century buildings. He offered tax incentives for people to have their own buildings cleansed of the centuries of soot that had accumulated.

He also installed a sleek and modern tram system that can swiftly move you around this extremely walkable city. The city also boasts the longest pedestrian shopping street in Western Europe where the 18th. century buildings look as if they were built in the last decade.

It’s wonderful to be here, but my camera has just malfunctioned so I’ll have to wait for a replacement to arrive from the States. In the meantime, I will have to use the camera on my iPhone which will reduce the amount of photo content due to the difficulty involved in uploading them to the site.

RUE SAINT-CATHERINE – Europe”s Longest Pedestrian Shopping Street

Here you see an example of the clean limestone that I mentioned. The lovely building with the pillars is a multiplex movie theater featuring 12 cinemas.

THE DELUSIONS OF TRUMP – The French are as concerned as we are.




This rusty bugger is one of sixteen exact duplicates spread around Bordeaux with his oxidizing bits and pieces hanging out all over town. Dubbed “Pee Pee” man by Sophie & Deniz whom I would soon be meeting at La Giraudiére in Brossac.

                                     Arrival At La Giraudiére




  1. Jason
    September 3, 2017

    Bummer about your camera. You must have worn the thing out! How long are you going to be in your favorite country?

  2. The Travel Zealot
    September 3, 2017

    Karen’s bringing a replacement camera. I’ve got a total of six weeks in France this year and a twenty-four day adventure with Karen including 19 days with a rental car.

  3. Karen Devers
    September 5, 2017

    John, your photos are pretty good considering they are with your phone. This just proves to me that most of good photography is in the eye of the image maker. I imagine you’d take good photos with a cardboard box and a pin hole!

    Your camera is safely packed in my carry on bag so you will have it soon. I’m sorry I couldn’t get it charged for you. I was hoping the Apple cord would work.

    I’m packed, except for a few items to stow the day of. I even remembered my little grey socks for quiet walking in the room!

    The air quality here is miserable once again due to a plethora of forest fires – 12 raging in Oregon. Fran was with her girl friends the weekend up in the Gorge and she had to come home early since they closed the main east/west highway into Portland. A lot of people are being evacuated. The photos are horrifying. I feel sorry for the people and the loss of property, but I also cry for the wild animals and birds that struggle to escape and lose their nests and stash of food for the coming winter. Fire is a heartless consumer.

    I have my stash of nuts and chocolate for the flights and I should be able to get a meal in Atlanta if need be. Marie is taking me to the airport Wednesday, she’s taking care of the dogs, and Richard has two pages of notes for the house and plants.

    I’m super excited about our excellent adventure and happy to have a break from KP. I will have to keep up with grading correspondence lessons but that’s not a hardship. As long as I have access to wifi I’m good.

    See you soon –


  4. The Travel Zealot
    September 16, 2017

    Karen, I was so busy getting ready for your arrival that now that I have time to respond we’re already leaving the Loire Valley.

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