ANDORRA: Andorra la Vella

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Andorra is yet another one of those microstates in Europe with extensive duty-free shopping and many good dining options. Like San Marino in Italy, it offers fashion for the ladies and plenty of sporting goods and weaponry for the gents. In fact, if the man in your life is looking to score some prime contraband in the form of a switchblade or even a stiletto this may just be the place to keep him distracted long enough to score that Chanel purse you’ve had your eye on.

Although lacking the amazing views and historic buildings afforded by San Marino, Andorra is no slouch. Its streets are clean, and it has the feel of a Basque Geneva.

A quality Dalí adorns one of its many pristine streets.


All of the shopping a person could want to max out their credit card.

Interesting Window Dressing – To entice the male clientele.


DON DENIS – A restaurant with an incredibly racist logo, but I have to admit they had the best tapas I’ve ever had. That’s saying something since I’m not particularly fond of tapas. However they had a venison tapa that I went back for a second time.

Ham is part of the atmosphere.




I somehow managed a reasonable rate for a four-star hotel. Chilling out in an enormous room with a comfortable King bed and a good shower all to myself was certainly gratifying especially since I will be in a hostel dorm room in Barcelona. It’s important to mix things up as you go. Hotels, AirBnbs, and hostels all get tiresome at some point.


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