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Over the past couple of years, something has been continually on my mind. Of course, I have been in a perpetual state of disgust over the existence of Donald J. Trump, but there is an issue that is far worse. Needless to say, I am speaking of climate change.

Trump by failing to sign onto the Paris Climate Accords and taking action to mitigate our impact on the planet, he has essentially committed a crime against humanity. Just add that to the rest of his crimes and I’ve got enough material to vent my spleen for an eternity.

One can feel incredibly helpless to the point of paralysis to do anything about the daunting problems facing humanity. In Budapest, I saw a poster that got my attention.

When I got to Bucharest, I checked out their website to see if they had any solutions since I have grown weary of bitching with my roommates about these problems. I want to do something to help preserve the future for my grandchildren.

Humanity itself now must decide whether they are willing to make the sacrifices and make a truly concerted effort in order to save the planet from ourselves. Half measures will not do. The canary in the coal mine is long deceased as evidenced by my experiences with coral reef die-offs all over the globe in 2018.


These two mean the world to me, and I want them to see a coral reef and enjoy the planet as I have. Because of this, I was seriously considering becoming involved with Extinction Rebellion. They are based in London which I will be visiting at the end of August.

I was also considering taking their message on the road with me as I travel the world and injecting the meaning to my journey that I have long sought. Of course, I am not much of a joiner, and as of late given the state of things, feel that we have allowed corporate greed and oligarchic interests to drive us past the point of no return anyway. Their publicity stunts will probably just serve to feed their own egos and slake their need to do something.

Mankind is in its teenage years and as a teenager feels that it will live forever. I believe that only when humanity is becoming displaced, dying of heatstroke, starving to death, drowning in its own effluent, and finding itself underwater will there actually be a committed call to action. Only then will the full weight of world governments be brought to bear on this grave threat to us all. Unfortunately, at that point it will probably be  too late. Until then the psychopaths are running the show.

NON-VIOLENT CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE IS A MAJOR PART OF THEIR STRATEGY – The problem with their stunts is that they tend to piss off and inconvenience the general population they need to have on their side. It’s the one percent, the corporatists, the war-for-profit industry, and the fossil fuel executives that need to be targeted and inconvenienced, and not some poor bugger trying to get home to his family after a hard day of working for the man.

PETA are a bunch of hypocritical animal rights fascists, and they end up making me eat more meat just to push back at their bullshit. I would hate to be involved with the climate change equivalent of them. In the end, I think I’d prefer to not waste the final years of my life hanging out with a bunch of burned-out hippies and Millenials with too many tats, piercings, man-buns, and multi-colored hairdos.

I think extinction rebellion almost had it right in their poster. We “are” all totally fucked. I think they need to remove the “so very nearly” bit in small print since I think we are close to becoming a failed experiment. Given my knowledge of history and along with lifetime observations, I am of the opinion that humankind doesn’t really deserve to survive. It ran out of second chances long ago. Humanity continues to repeat facile mistakes and is a greedy, rapacious, short-sighted bunch of regressive naked apes who destroy much of what they get their grubby little hands on.

If not for Kennedy and Khrushchev, we’d have probably all died in 1962. We still have the specter of nuclear war hanging over our heads with even more irresponsible nations in possession of them. Potential for a nuclear terrorist attack even exists, and now we have global warming to destabilize the planet even further and render us even more vulnerable to a nuclear incident.

Add to that, the billions that cling to beliefs of an afterlife where everything will be hunky-dory, and see the end of the world as some sort of blessed fulfillment of their sacred texts, and you have a recipe for disaster. So I’m not going to be attending a die-in any time soon since I see no point in a dress rehearsal. I’m going to focus on cramming as much fun and living into whatever time I have left before I take the dirt nap.


“Greed and stupidity will end humanity sooner than we expect.” ~ Stephen Hawking ~



  1. Doomcock
    June 9, 2019

    I see your points! It would be interesting to talk with you some day about alternatives that might be more effective, as this is a pressing and critical problem and if it’s not dealt with, it WILL deal with us all…

  2. The Travel Zealot
    June 9, 2019

    Doomcock, I’m most pleased that you concur regarding the climate emergency, and I look forward to your insights in the near future.

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