CZECH REPUBLIC – Prague III – Pit Stop

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My visit here just three months ago was so delightful that I couldn’t stay away. The Dream Hostel helped to make the visit ideal since it has the best staff, accommodations, guests, and vibe of just about any place I have stayed in Europe. I took note that they have an excess of hostels in Ukraine so I will definitely be planning a trip to that neighborhood at some point in the future.

One place that I missed on my previous visit to Prague was a visit to the 2nd largest Nuclear Bunker in Europe. It spans a full kilometer underground. Given issues with global warming and impending calamities, I’m surprised some real estate developer hasn’t bought it and created an underground community for life in the post-apocalyptic world. There are a number of such offerings in the United States for the wealthy. The fortified condos in the US offer everything from movie theaters to luxury accommodations with scrubbed air and the security of Fort Knox. Why are they so popular back in the states?

I guess the road to dystopia seems to be growing shorter in America given the unfortunate political climate, and the fact that there is a severely damaged and mentally ill individual currently at the helm. In my travels, I manage to stay a few steps ahead of the nightmarish cultural meltdown that has gripped my country of origin and turned it into a veritable reality TV show. It plays 24/7 and you can’t change the channel. It’s like the Truman Show except it’s all about an orange-faced, bloated, evil bastard, his mutant spawn, trophy wife, and a group of fawning, obsequious, enablers that make up the bulk of the Republican Party.

It’s just such a relief to steer clear of the polarized pit of despair that the USA has been reduced to by that scuzzy, carnival barker, McDonald’s munching, sower of chaos, lies, racism, and hate. What was once a beacon of democracy, has been transformed into a corrupt, oligarchic, corporatized, borderline dystopia, and shooting gallery whose former motto “E Pluribus Unum” has been replaced with “Profits Before People.”

I’ve always felt that there are fewer hairstyles that look more foolish on Caucasians than dreadlocks. One such example presented itself as I awaited my flight to Prague. The person attempting to offset the ravages of male pattern baldness has taken this to great lengths by wrapping his lengthy dreads into an enormous man bun that bore an unfortunate resemblance of something one might see left behind on a sidewalk by an enormous Great Dane.

Seriously, why would anyone want to wander about with a bloody great pile of shit stuck to the back of their head?







































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