COSTA RICA: Pura Vida – II

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The only glitch on this foray to the land of coatis, parrots, sloths, toucans, and volcanos began at the ticket counter in Cusco, Peru. An Avianca Airline counter agent asked me if I had a yellow fever vaccination certificate. I did not. I wasn’t aware that I needed one and stared at him like a half-asleep deer in the headlights given it was 5:30 am. I’m not keen on bad news or controversy that early in the morning and was just hoping that it wasn’t really happening. Perhaps, I have learned the legendary Jedi mind trick because soon after the issue was dropped never to be revisited. Man, was I pleased!

I was ready to move on from Cusco, and I didn’t want to lose my trip to Costa Rica incurring extra costs and unnecessary inconveniences along the way. Here they are bothering me about a vaccine that I didn’t need while we are on the brink of a global pandemic, which will probably be confirmed during the first week of March in a few days that is unless the Trump administration unilaterally downgrades it first.


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